Amazon is one of the World’s largest e-commerce companies and many of us are wondering how to achieve Amazon success. Amazon just started as an online bookstore back in 1995 but with more than just 2 decades they’ve become a large industry for universal transactions. Because of its great story, many others have tried but unfortunately failed to achieve even half of what’s Amazon have achieved now.

So the big question is: How exactly was Amazon able to pull off their great success?

In this article, we will reveal the top 3 reasons behind Amazon’s success


A big part for Amazon success is due to its innovative practices lead by no other than their CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Over the years, Amazon has never been scared to take a risk to innovate their services, practices, and technologies. Although Amazon’s innovative mindset does not always succeed, we can’t deny the fact that they’ve created a lot of good technologies that made our online shopping experience better.

One great example to prove Amazon’s genius ideas that result in Amazon success is Amazon’s unique voice command device, Echo. This new technology has a lot of use with only a few spoken words including playing songs, getting updates from the weather forecast or finding the best Chinese restaurants in your area. But a great invention such as the Echo came with a huge risk and financial investment. Based on last year’s report, over 22 million units were sold for 2017 alone. This is one of Amazon’s biggest investment that paid off.

Customer Service

Ever since it was founded, Amazon has always been committed to providing a world-class customer service to all its users. In fact, one of its mission is to become the most customer-centric company on the planet and is definitely one of the reasons for Amazon success.

Because of an open mind and great communication with its users, Amazon developed a better understanding of people’s need and wants. This results in better features making Amazon the best from all online platforms out there. They’ve garnered multiple awards for customer service and dedication in making a better experience for everybody.

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User-friendly Interface

With its wide range of users all over the world from different ages, it’s no secret that Amazon made e-commerce possible for us. Not all of us are tech savvy and Amazon understand that. That’s why their strong UX is for me, their biggest advantage over their competitors. With Amazon, it’s very easy to search for a product, place an order and receive an item. At the same time, as a seller, we have the option to just ship our inventory to Amazon and they’ll handle the rest from there.

Amazon invests a lot in UX expert to make a platform for everybody to use and it paid off and results in Amazon success.

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