1. Amazon is just any other online marketplaces.

For more than a decade now, Amazon has been and still is the number one platform all over the world that most buyers go to for online shopping. Sure, there are a lot of other platforms that offer great services as well but nobody can deny that Amazon has the biggest impact. Amazon has already established a secured online shopping which is its advantage over other online platforms.
Amazon is a BRAND!

2. Amazon Follow up Emails are NOT effective Anymore

The new Amazon Opt Out Messaging Preference has created chaos with sellers inside Amazon. With this new development, many believe that follow up emails is not effective anymore to increase reviews and feedback and a lot of them are starting to cancel accounts with their feedback tools. We can’t deny the fact that this latest development has a great impact on how effective follow-up emails is on Amazon. However, even with this news, I still believe that email marketing is effective to gain reviews and feedbacks.
Customers who opted out from receiving follow up emails often are those not interested in placing reviews and feedbacks anymore. They are fed up with this emails because they do not have a use with it. This means that with or without the opt-out feature, these buyers are not interested in sharing their experience or don’t have time to share their experience anymore. Those who still wish to receive emails are the ones who are still interested and gives time in sharing their experience with others.
I do agree that sending follow up emails is an overused technique to gain reviews and feedbacks. But the reason why it is overused is that it will always be effective, it’s just a matter of how you write your emails.

3. If you are not already established on Amazon, it’s too late.

As long as there are buyers in Amazon, it is never too late to earn in it. It is true that their millions of sellers competing in Amazon. However, not all of them sell the same products. Sure the competition is getting tougher and tougher every day, Amazon is getting bigger every day as well. Note that Amazon started only as an online bookstore and now it has become a huge online platform for all essentials and is now available in more than 10 marketplaces all over the world.
80% of Amazon sales go to third-party sellers. This means that if it is going global, Amazon needs you to sustain the demand for all its buyer and future buyers. With Amazon, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can sell in other countries and still ensure fast delivery time.
All of us have creative minds. Technology and development are always advancing and new products are always being invented. You will always have a new product to sell. n

4. You have to sell the cheapest at Amazon.

No. In reality, selling the cheapest item can be suspicious to buyers.
You don’t have to sell the cheapest in Amazon so buyers will buy your product. You just have to offer a competitive price. Compute the total cost of sales including all fees and expenses and add a maximum of 20% for profit to compute the sale’s price. This is what most seller’s do and this is what you should do to stay on top.
Price speaks about your brand. If the price is too low, it will give a low-quality impression to your buyers. What’s up with your product that you can give that price that is way too low than what other sellers are offering.

5. It’s hard to sell on Amazon

The first four misconceptions already summarize why Amazon is the best place to sell your item. n
But just to give an example, take FBA fulfilled products. Most online platforms do not offer warehouses to stock your product. You have to look for a space to store your product or do drop shipping instead. Don’t get me wrong, dropshipping is a great way to sell online but the shipping time takes a while which can’t be good for business. For FBA fulfilled products, you don’t have to worry about packing and shipping too. Amazon handles that. Finally, with FBA fulfilled products, returns and refunds will be handled by Amazon. How great is that?
The 5 misconception above is only the top that is being spread every day in the e-commerce industry. There are still a lot and it will be a waste of your time to keep reading about them. Just like any other business, selling in Amazon is a risk. You can earn or you can go bankrupt. Nothing will happen with your life if you don’t risk. A wise man once said, “Only with great risks can great results be achieved.”


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