Amazon Seller Software Tools For FBA Private Label Sellers

The Amsmailer team have got together to save you the time of trying to find the best Amazon seller software. We have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best Amazon seller software and Amazon seller tools to help automate your FBA selling experience.

Amazon Seller Software Tools to help find new Amazon Products to Sell main feature is to provide statistics such as monthly sales, average rating, 999 method product check, and number of reviews. The good thing about this tool is it’s FREE. It may get a little buggy specially with the “Failed” error in some of the informations but if you are in a tight budget and have a little patience you can try to refresh your browser to get the datas needed. Hey, Its free!!!!😛 started only with their main feature which computes product margins. However, in the past couple of years, they’ve made a lot of improvements and Revseller is now known as one of the most powerful tools for Amazon sellers. My favorite feature is their 90-day average feature which gives you the main factors needed in searching for a great product to sell. Their variation viewer is also a must try and very easy to use. is basically for 999 method product check. They use the same method so it won’t work for ASINs with more than 999 stocks. They have daily snapshot feature that can be helpful if you want to monitor the sales of a specific ASIN over a period of time and they also offer a button to automatically transfer the information into a spreadsheet

Junglescout should better watch out of! It is a new tool but it is already receiving a lot of praises in the market. Plus, it’s free version has a lot of features that cost a fortune from other Amazon seller software. It is nearly perfect if only it is web-based. You have to download the app which is a little bit scary for some but it’s worth the risk.

Unlike any other tool, has a lot of unique features that make their software very interesting. Their research central features provide updated top products in the market which can help you a lot with your research. The repricer feature of bqool is pretty cool and helpful especially if you want your products to remain competitive and stay on top of Amazon pages. It’s sad that there a lot of issues with their customer support and that is something that they have to work on as soon as possible especially since they offer a lot of new, unique and intriguing features. works like Junglescout and unicorn smasher only with more features. Plus, it is a chrome extension and will work for any computer with Google Chrome. Asininspector has clickable icons that will direct you to different platforms where most sellers choose their suppliers however it might not be really helpful since the full title is being used to search for a supplier instead of a keyword. If they can add product details for variations as well, then I guess this tool can be a great competitor for Junglescout. It’s nice but still has many rooms for improvement.

Ali Inspector is a tool that all drop shippers should have! It gives you all you need to know in choosing the perfect seller in the ever-famous Aliexpress website for a test product before making a bulk purchase in Alibaba. It’s a pretty cool software.

Asinhunt is a web app is unique! Unlike other product tools with pretty basic functionalities, has a second column for BSR in subcategories. It can be very useful. By the way, the basic plan starts at $5.99 which is really cheap compared to other tools. offers unique feature such as Keyword trends tools (offers a list of Amazon trending keywords) and Reverse ASIN tool that can produce thousands of Amazon specific keywords from only one ASIN. It will definitely help you choose the best products to sell. I heard that the system is buggy but I haven’t had that issue with keyword inspector so far. I highly recommend this tool and I know that you will love it too. Must try!!

Even before they rebrand from Sellerprime to SellerApp, this tool has proven to be very useful. If you think jungle scout is the best then you should try this tool. It has all the important features such as a profitable niche, product ideas, analyzing keywords, optimize listings and managing seller account in one platform and data are 98% accurate. Their keyword optimization allows users to track trending keywords and remove non-performing ones. It has a very cool functionality that separates regular listing from sponsored ads making it easier for you to check the competition.

In addition to that, they also provide support to Amazon sellers in these categories:
-Amazon Seller Inventory Management Software Tools for Amazon sellers
-Amazon Seller Software to Track Sales Data and Profit On Amazon
-Amazon Seller Software to Track Sales Rankings On Amazon
-Amazon Seller Software Hijacker Monitoring Tools

SellerApp is definitely a MUST HAVE for ALL AMAZON SELLERS! offers keyword autocomplete services that is not available from other keyword tools. Plus, it doesn’t require monthly subscriptions and offers unlimited daily keyword searches. However, this tool doesn’t offer category selection. It will be great if they can add a stop button when searching for keywords.  is a good substitute for junglescout because of its user-friendly interface and a wide range of features. The product search tool is looking good and easy to understand. It is only available in the USA but has a pretty accurate date. It offers 999 product check which is one of the methods being used to check out competitions. Their niche scout is pretty unique as they offer “Sharkscore” where they asking scores on different niche.

If you are looking for a simple keyword tool that can generate valuable keyword that works, then this tool is perfect for you. This tool can generate up to 380+ keywords from different Amazon marketplaces all over the world for FREE. Additional features such as CPC and Search volumes are available in there paid version, however, it is a little bit pricey. is very similar to Uber suggest.

Unicorn Smasher is like a free version of Jungle Scout with basic functionality. It helps you analyze trending products in Amazon. Estimations are way off as they are not fully computed but it is still useful in making quick and rough decisions.

Camelcamelcamel is a must have Amazon Seller Software if you are an Amazon buyer but it is not very helpful for sellers. Data and graphs are a little complicated and hard to understand. But if you are aiming for a free version of jungle scout, then this tool can do.

Amazon Seller Software for A/B Split Testing

Are you looking for an Amazon Seller Software that will help you choose the best approach to on your listing? You need Splitly. It will automatically rearrange/adjust the main parts of your listing such as title, description, and product price to create different variations. Splitly will then perform a day to day test to compare the profitability and competitiveness of each variation. Plus, you can split test your keywords too.

The only thing great about this tool is their free service. It can do basic split testing which is not bad for a free service but that is all they have to offer. I’ve also noticed that their variations are not being updated every day which makes me skeptical about the accuracy of the data provided.

Tools to prepare tax reports and file taxes

Taxjar is a cheaper and a BETTER version of taxify. It prepares all the informations you need to file for sales tax return in different states. It even has an email notification system where you will be notified for every tax nexus in new state. For those who have very little interest in sales taxes, datas from taxjar are presented in a dashboard instead of a map hwich makes it all the more easier to understand. What I really love about taxjar is their autofile feature where you will be given the option to let taxjar handles filing for you too

Taxify is a tax platform that is designed to make tedious sales tax remittance process a piece of cake. It basically does almost everything needed in filling sales tax remittance from different states. Their calculations are accurate and they perfectly work with Amazon.

If you are selling in the EU marketplace, I’m sure you’ve noticed that filling taxes in the EU marketplace is very complicated. Simplyvat can submit and help you with all the paperwork and requirements for a one time fee of $470. This is a MUST HAVE for EU sellers.

Avalara is a bad choice. It’s a US based tax software that works like taxify and taxjar. Sure, they are way cheaper compared to taxjar and taxify but there has been a lot of complaints abut their miscalculated tax computations.

Amazon Seller Inventory Management Software Tools for Amazon sellers

I appreciate their great vision to provide help in every factor of online selling. Brightpearl is an excellent help in terms of fulfillment and inventory. However, if you are looking for an accounting software for your business then this is not the tool for you (stick with QuickBooks). Brightpearl is another tool that is not recommended for all sellers. This Amazon Seller Software is for large corporations with professional team members that are experts in different aspects of the business.

Forecastrx takes into consideration the seasonality of a product in providing sales and restock forecast. They do have better have the best and most accurate system in the market but with of course higher price. I don’t recommend this tool for small time sellers as there are cheaper systems that can do almost the same for you but if you have at least 50 SKUs then better use this product. I’s worth the extra penny. 🙂

Restockpro is another inventory tool that shows how many and when to order your next restocks. It’s a little bit cheaper than and currently available in the US and UK marketplace. I love how they keep all data always up to date. If you are interested in their service, I recommend getting in touch with their customer service as they do offer code for a longer free trial period. has a very unique functionality that is proven to be very useful and informational for a very reasonable price. Based on the product name itself, it analyzes Amazon inventory levels and predicts the best time to order supplies to make sure that you never run out of stocks. I have nothing but praises for this Amazon Seller Software. Highly Recommended!!

Amazon Seller Software to Track Sales Data and Profit On Amazon

Sellerlegend is a good alternative for helloprofit however it doesn’t track keywords. The good thing about this tool is its ability to provide more statistics and graph compared to Helloprofit. Plus, it has a lower subscription fee than hello profit. A great Amazon Seller Software to investment in 🙂

Sellics combines a lot of features such as Profit, Review Management, Rankings, Keyword Search into one tool for a great price. One of the best feature of Sellics is their super organized dashboards that has every datas needed and is shown in tabular forms. Their product review Amazon seller software tool is highly organized and can be filtered based on their star ranking.

Cashcowpro has a lot of features that will make managing your business a little simpler and cheaper. Cashcowpro started as just an analytical tool that has the vision to help you predict your business growth by providing all data and factors affecting your profitability. Within the past couple of years, they’ve made a couple of improvements in their system by adding a lot of features needed in managing online business such as product selection, inventory monitoring, and many more that is available for all their customers in any plan.

Inventorylabs automatically provides data from Amazon’s seller account that will allow users to understand real-time profitability and manage inventory. This app has the ability to pull up a LOT of data automatically at the same time which can be good and bad since more data can also mean more work. 🙂 What I love about this Amazon Seller Software is there ability to prepare sales and profit reports that can be useful in preparing tax returns

This Amazon Seller Software is completely for eBay sellers. Sure, they provide data as well for Amazon sellers however these data are also provided in Amazon seller central for free. It’s a waste of money to invest in Terapeak if you are going to use it for your Amazon account only. Although Terapeak has a strong focus on eBay, I still won’t recommend it for eBay sellers. There has been a lot of technical complaints recently with their system and a lot of good features in the past was removed making them less useful and totally incomplete.

If you have a big amazon store that sells more than 200k a month, then this tool is perfect for your accounting process. They provide a spreadsheet with data such as the cost of goods, and expenses that are needed to compute your profit and compute your profit or future profit automatically. They have a great customer support that will help you with almost everything you need to take advantage of their services and a very user-friendly interface. Plus they don’t do contracts which means you can cancel anytime for FREE. However, if you are a small time seller, I most definitely won’t recommend teikametrics for you! Their starting plan starts at $499 monthly which is really EXPENSIVE for a task that you can do manually.

Hello Profit is one of the most popular Amazon profit dashboard tools and we LOVE IT. It shows the breakdown of your total daily, weekly, monthly profits considering all common fees affecting your profit. As for its product research feature, Hello profit is great if you want to get a brief overview of what product to sell. They are developing new features such as filters and number of sellers and is certainly a go-to software if you want a reliable overview of your global Amazon profit.

Amzping is by far one of the best Amazon Seller Softwares to track sales and profits. Amzping is like an all in one dashboard that provides everything you need from tracking sales to getting estimate profit margins. It also has an inventory tool which is one of the basic tools that all sellers are looking for. The dashboard is a no-brainer and can be understood by everyone even those who are starting out with selling. It also has great customer support. Amzping is highly recommended for small and medium scale sellers. However, if you own a large scale Amazon store, Amzping still lacks features that you might be looking for.

This Amazon Seller Software provides a complete break down for all the data needed to compute your business profit and future profit such as the cost of sales and expenses. I love the different graphs they provide to explain profitability and I think that is very user-friendly. Plus, they also have PPC data which is not provided by teikametrics.

Amazon Seller Software to Track Sales Rankings On Amazon

Most Amazon sellers sign up with Amztracker software because of their popular review club.  As for their sales ranking tool, I can definitely say that they are the best in the market. It shows search volume for every keyword search and they have a cool notification feature that will notify you every time there is a change in ranking for specific keywords. Short videos are provided which can be really helpful especially since their interface is pretty complex and their customer support is not helpful all the time.

This Amazon Seller Software is designed to track keywords/ASINs in the US marketplace. They have a very cool feature that can check keywords rank in any product. It’s pretty cool and useful but I think $40 is too much. You can have a lot of better tools for this money. If you have a free trial access you should try it.

Listing Optimization and Product Photography For Amazon Sellers

I cant recommend the SPXMAC Amazon listing team highly enough. They are a very professional well priced and experienced consulting firm that provide results and an unforgettable customer experience you will not find anywhere else. We have tried other freelancers who have rushed through our work, but the SPXMAC team of 15 have created all of our amazing listings that convert so well.

Amazonshots is being run by John Overman and his team. THey specialized in taking photos for any products and delivering these photos in high resolution. Once a photoshoot is done, they will send you sample photos before you can download it and if you are not happy with these photos, they will send another set for you for free. Their are also no limits on the number of photos for each product and payment is always after the job is done.

Amazonshots is being run by John Overman and his team. THey specialized in taking photos for any products and delivering these photos in high resolution. Once a photoshoot is done, they will send you sample photos before you can download it and if you are not happy with these photos, they will send another set for you for free. Their are also no limits on the number of photos for each product and payment is always after the job is done.

Pixelz is another tool for editing listing photos. They specialed in removing the background of your photos and some other great photo editing stuff. They have very good customer service and most of the photos are back within 24 hours. I totally recommend their solo package which doesn’t”t have any subscription fee. They get the job done for less than $2.00 per photo.

Amazon Seller Software Amazon feedback Tools

With feedback express you can send email templates and they have the ability to send notifications for negative seller feedback as well. It’s a pretty simple software with friendly interface and there price starts at $20. If you are looking for a cheaper option with a simple interface as well then you can try Amsmailer. 🙂

Amzfinder is another feedback tool that automates emails for feedback requests. Its best feature is matching anonymous reviews with real order id that will help a lot in communicating with your buyer to ask for negative review removal. Amzfinder is another downloadable tool which is the reason why I don’t recommend it much. Plus, the price is pretty steep.

With feedback express you can send email templates and they have the ability to send notifications for negative seller feedback as well. It’s a pretty simple software with friendly interface and there price starts at $20. If you are looking for a cheaper option with a simple interface as well then you can try Amsmailer. 🙂

Amazon Seller Software Product Shipping Tools

I know a lot of Amazon sellers (myself included) who use this tool to get shipping estimates. It is very easy to use and works like booking a plane ticket. All you need to do is enter the origin and destination, cargo weight and click the search button to get different quotes for shipping from multiple freight forwarders in an instant. Freightos gave us the advantage to double check shipping quotes provided by our suppliers. I love that I can get all these information for free but I won’t mind paying a little fee if they can add an FBA option too.

Flexport is a tool to track all your big shipment in only one dashboard together with all the information you need to know about your shipment. With this tool, you can avoid the hassle of getting in touch with your supplier every now and then. Currently, They can already do shipping to different Amazon warehouses in the US, CA, DE, UK. Their rates vary depending on your shipment and I like that.

Amazon Seller Software Hijacker Monitoring Tools

I’ve tried this tool and so far I really love its features. Amzmalert is a notification tool that monitors your listing 24/7 for almost everything. It can send notifications for almost everything like listing hijackers, product suppression, title change, star rating change and many more. The fees are a little bit high but its a whole lot cheaper rather than hiring a VA to monitor this stuff.

Listingeagle is by far the cheapest tool that can help you monitor your listing if hijacked or suppressed. It can send sms notification not only to local sellers but also to international numbers. I love the customized email templates they provide that you can use to get intouch with hikackers who copied your listing. The only downside of this tool is their poor customer support. If you have patience to learn the tool by yourself then this is worth every penny your gonna pay their company. By the way, they do have a full refund policy if you are unhappy with their service.

Helium10 is an SEO keyword tool with listing hijack alert. It has the ability to send notifications via email or SMS everytime a new seller joined your listings. It is a powerful Amazon Seller Software that also shows you search volume for Amazon keywords.

Tools to help you get refunds from Amazon

Rocket refunds is NOT a software that can process your reimbursement automatically. Instead, it is a collection of pdf and video guides that will walk you through the process of collecting refunds from Amazon. It’s a great investment to improve your understanding of Amazon refunds and reimbursement. This tool will surely help you recover a lot of money from Amazon. If you have a VA working for you in this matter, then I suggest purchasing one for her too.

This tool works like your dispute manager. It watches your seller feedbacks 24/7 and disputes negative feedbacks for you. It also checks all your inventories and returns cases to salvage any amount that can be reimbursed from Amazon such as damaged goods, lost goods, and incomplete return cases. What I love most about this tool is their fixed rate. It doesn’t matter how big or small your refund is or how much negative feedback they have to dispute for you, you will only pay $79.00. I highly recommend!

Refunds manager is an application that will literally do all that needs to be done to recover your refunds from Amazon. They will audit your Amazon account for any activities that can result in refunds and manually process them for you. After the refund is processed they will take 25% off as their commision for every refund. If you don’t get a refund, they don’t get paid. It’s very risk-free. They got in trouble with Amazon before for automatically processing refunds so they re-program their software to manually process refunds instead. It’s really sad that most great software like refund manager has to be downloaded first before we can use it. 

Other Great Amazon Seller Software Tools

This tool is purely for Merchant fulfilled orders. It’s a web-based software that will help you with the entire shipping process for you. It can automatically pull up order information needed to ship the orders, generate printing labels and send customized emails to your buyers with tracking information. Voila! It’s like a one-stop shipping platform. However, if your products are being fulfilled by Amazon, then you don’t need this tool. This platform can really do wonders for your business but they need to do something with their customer support. I believe it is unfair to receive less support if you have a cheaper plan. Just saying. 🙂

This tool is designed to create an instant brand website that will help you with your Amazon campaigns. They offer a good service but it is too expensive for me so I did not try it. Based on online reviews, they lack customer support and do not offer refund and I don’t want to waste at least $599 just to try it

Azlabels is a chrome extension, design to help you print thermal labels directly from your seller central. It will save you the hassle of resizing the pages, downloading the pdf file and printing shipping label one by one. With Azlabels, printing labels is now one click away. 😛

Feedvisor has a unique algorithm that works like magic. It has the ability to provide the best price for your products that will make them competitive in the market without losing a big amount of money. They also offer free trials every now and then. I would have tried this software if not for their pushy sales team and based on online reviews, their systems sound too buggy and slow.

Think cascadia offers powerful suggestions on how to manage your listings and reinstatement services. It is a group of Amazon employees who decided to build a support software for Amazon sellers instead. THis tool will surely help you improve your understanding on how Amazon operates in a diffrent perspective.

I believe Joelister is the First software that can Automatically transfer and synced listings from Amazon to eBay. Joelister doesn’t do multi-variation listings so it is best to take a quick look in your eBay listing before submission and edit your variations manually. I love its ability to automatically fulfill FBA products from eBay. That is really amazing.

Upfund is a crowdfunding loan service that is set to provide loan for starting Amazon sellers who need capital. Unlike any other loan services, they do not use APR interest instead they compute 10% flat fee for every transaction. Plus, no payment is required until your product is ready to start selling. Upfund can be a real help to Amazon sellers, however, nonobservance to legalities is concerning.

Payability is another tool offering a loan service in a unique way. Instead of waiting 2 weeks to get your funds available, they will lend you the funds making them available within 24 hours at a very affordable rate. This is pretty great especially if you are struggling for cash to buy more inventories and product. I really love their support team. They are very helpful in explaining all the things I need to know before I use their service.

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