All of us have fears. Some are scared of heights, some are scared of the dark and there are also some that are scared of people. At some point, we have to face these fears to grow up and face bigger challenges in life. As Amazon sellers, the fear that we have to overcome to succeed in these marketplaces is the fear of Customer Seller’s feedbacks and Product reviews. 

I get it, some reviews and feedbacks can be really hurtful and mean. I’ve received a fair share of mean comments on these sections too. But you should not be afraid of these. In fact, you have to embrace it just like embracing orders. These is the only way that you’ll be able to survive the fast-growing competition in Amazon. 

No worries, I am here to help you. I’ve listed 5 golden rules that you can use in dealing with Amazon seller’s feedback and reviews.

1. Use your customer’s idea for your advantage

Most buyers don’t share their experience just to hurt you. They share it because they believe that you can still improve your service. No matter how hurtful the feedback is, there is always a hidden line in the message telling you how to improve your service or your product. Use it as a guide for improving your Amazon store’s overall performance. 

2. Make quick changes from Seller’s feedback

Being an Amazon seller is NOT a walk in the park type of business. There are a lot of things you need to do to keep up with the competition. It starts from searching for the right product to sell, looking for the best supplier, listing your product, promoting your product and if you thought you’ll be able to relax once orders are coming through then think again. You’ll realize that this is just the beginning of your busy life as an Amazon Seller. 
With the millions of things you need to do, it is normal for you not to able to check everything. As a seller, I totally understand. However, your buyers won’t be as understandable. Trust me, they notice EVERYTHING! But fear not, you can actually use it to your advantage.
Rating: 5 star
Comment: I am very much satisfied with your customer service and with the product. My order was well packed and the order arrived in good condition. I had to ask my brother to set up the bulbs since I’m not sure how to do but once it was set up, the bulbs look great and definitely worth the price. 
Observation: The customer had to seek somebody’s help to set up the product
What you can do: Add instructions to send to your buyers in the future.

3. Gather REAL seller’s feedback at every opportunity.

Every interaction with your buyers is an opportunity to improve your Amazon ratings. Stop with “I don’t want to bother them” attitude and take every chance you have to gather a sellers feedback. Don’t worry, if they don’t want to leave a feedback, they will let you know.

4. Share Customer’s feedback to your teammates.

A seller’s feedback is an overall rating of the experiences our buyers had when they purchase the item. It is not only about the customer service, or the product itself but how well your whole Amazon team has handled their order. It is the right of every team members to be recognized for accomplishments and to be responsible for poor performance.
Always share customer seller’s feedback to your teammates. You’ll only be able to improve your service and your product if all parties involved no matter how small the involvement is will be aware of the issue.

5. Every feedback is Valuable.

Letting your customers know what a great effect their feedback is on your business continuous improvement will make their feedback valuable. I know that lines such as “we are a small amazon business and your feedback and reviews will strongly help our business” or “please help us improve our service by leaving a review and feedback” sounds overrated. However, these lines still help motivate buyers to leave customer seller’s feedback or product review.

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