How to Avoid Amazon Negative Reviews

Amazon product reviews especially Amazon negative reviews have a great impact on a buyer’s purchasing decision. As much as possible, it is advisable to avoid getting Amazon negative reviews even if they are proven to be helpful.

1. Make your product description as detailed and accurate as possible.

It is necessary to make your product description as detailed and accurate as possible. Include accurate sizes and all the features that your product can do. It is important to include your product’s limitations too. This will help your buyers determine if the product is the best fit for their need.
Make your prospective buyers know the product just by reading the product description. This is the best way to avoid expectations your product can’t meet and giving them an opportunity to leave an Amazon negative reviews.

2. Include Real Images of the product.

Not all buyers are satisfied with product descriptions. I mean, there are buyers that determine the value of the product based on its overall look. It is important that the picture provided is a clear photo of the product. You don’t want your product to be judged just because it’s not the same color as what your buyer expected it to be.
If possible, consider using images with 360 views or a video is even better.

3. Evaluate the reasons for why Amazon negative reviews are left.

The negative experience of your past buyers will most likely be the same experience with your future buyers.
It is important to monitor product reviews regularly. This will helps you determine the common reasons why your buyers are not satisfied with your product. If you keep getting issues with the quality of your product, then you better check with your suppliers. If you often received issues with damaged products during transit, then you have to upgrade the packaging of your product. If you noticed a lot of request for the same feature, then you might want to add the feature to increase your sales.

4. Include manuals and instructions on how to use/install your product.

A lot of DIY products are all over the internet encouraging a lot of buyers to believe that they can install or use anything without the help of experts only to be disappointed once the item arrived. This will often lead to unsatisfied buyers and negative product reviews.
As much as possible it is better to include manuals, tips or instructions on how to use your product even before your buyer requests for it. It does not have to cost anything. You can send a manual through a pdf file for every product that your buyers can access anytime.
Make your buyers experience with your product as convenient as possible.

5. Reach out to your Buyers BEFORE they leave a review.

It is important to give your buyer a way to get in touch with you before they leave any review or feedback for any questions or inquiries. This will help them solve any confusions they have on how the product work to prevent them from leaving a negative product review instead.

Amsmailer can help you in 2 ways:

1. If you think a manual is essential to make your customer’s experience better, then Amsmailer can help you send this manual automatically to your buyers. This will save you the hassle of sending them one by one.
Amsmailer will allow you to customize template where you can attach any file with a maximum of 10MB that can be sent for a particular ASIN.
2. Amsmailer has customized templates that every seller can use in their email. These templates include a special variable that will make getting in touch with you easier for your buyers.
These templates can be sent as soon as an order is shipped to ensure that your buyers can get in touch with you even they received their order.

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