How to Reduce Negative Amazon Feedback 2018

Knowing how to get more Amazon reviews is really only part of what you should be concerned about as a business. You should also be concerned about how to reduce negative Amazon feedback. Negative reviews are going to happen as no business can successfully please every single one of their customers. However, there are several things that you can do as a business to ensure that you get as few negative reviews as possible.


This article will share with you the tips that you need to reduce negative Amazon feedback.

The easiest ways that you can reduce negative reviews is by offering amazing quality products and even better customer service. If you offer a high-quality product, the positive customer reviews are going to flow right in. However, sometimes things happen. This is where quality customer service comes in. If something goes wrong, you need to have a professional team of customer service there to help your customer through any issues. A big part of this is how quickly you communicate with your customers. If you get back to them right away after an issue has occurred, customers will appreciate your effort.

This quick communication doesn’t always mean directly speaking to the customer in emails. When you notice a negative review, be sure to respond back to it as quickly as possible to resolve the matter. Sometimes the problem is as simple as the customer didn’t properly use your product. Respond to their feedback, asking them to contact you directly to discuss your problems. If you are able to resolve these problems for them quickly, the customer will often adjust their feedback accordingly while praising your swift response time and excellent customer service. Responsiveness shows the customer that you care about them, leading to more positive reviews.

Third party software like AMSmailer can be a helpful tool in improving your responsiveness. You can get an alert with this software as soon as you receive negative feedback so that you can improve your response time. On this particular program, you will get an alert anytime you receive a review that is less than 3 stars. This can also send out feedback emails to encourage people who have purchased your items to give you a review on Amazon. There are times that people forget to do this, so these emails can serve as a reminder. You can even customize the emails to encourage customers to contact you directly if they have any issues.

You should be aware that you should never remove negative reviews from your page. Amazon only permits this action if the negative review violates their terms and conditions.

For instance, if someone was paid to post a negative review or a competitor posted one. You can also get ones removed that have links to a competitor’s product or if they only rate you without explaining the low rating. To remove these, click on the “Report Abuse” button.

Negative reviews can be a bad thing for your business, but it doesn’t have to break your business. How you respond to the negative reviews can have a huge impact on your reputation. By simply trying to do everything possible to come up with a reasonable solution to appease your customer. Remember that the overall stars that you get on your product is an average of all reviewers. If you have a high-quality product, the reviews will be higher on average, so a few bad reviews won’t ultimately make a huge difference. These are valuable tips that can help you to reduce the number of negative Amazon reviews, so you can attract the business your product deserves.

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