Let’s be real, Amazon is one of the most used to platform for e-commerce now a day. This information is not a secret to the public and is the reason why hundreds of sellers use it all over the world. This being said, it can be expected that stiff competition can be observed between sellers especially in big marketplaces such as the US and UK.
It is only noticeable that people from big countries have different needs and priorities compared to some other people leaving in smaller countries. Supply and demand vary depending on buyers location and competition between products are much relaxed in smaller marketplaces compared to big Amazon marketplaces. Because of this, a lot of sellers are exploring a wider range of audience and buyers by selling their products internationally.
Venturing in new marketplaces can be a little bit scary specially to private label Amazon sellers. It’s just like going to a trip alone in another country for the first time. Sure the idea is exciting but once you are there you can’t help but feel intimidated with the locals too especially if you are not familiar with their dialects.
So if you are planning on taking this big step, no worries! Amsmailer will be there to support you. We won’t just sit their in the background cheering you up. We will help you all the way through. We come prepared for your needs.

3 Perfectly Translated Email

Just recently, Amsmailer launched its newest feature making our service available in ALL NA and EU marketplaces. You can now add UNLIMITED number of Amazon accounts in only one subscription. But that is just a bonus.
The real treat is making your life easier on International Amazon Selling by providing translated emails for you. All emails are now translated in corresponding languages based on the commonly used dialect in each marketplaces. n
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Importance of Translated Email

اهلا مايك،nهنا هو جوان من متجر 123.nأردت فقط أن نعلمك أن معجون أسنان الباندا قد غادر للتو المخيم وهو في طريقه إليك! nإذا كانت لديك أسئلة أو مشاكل ، فأعرفها قدر الإمكان.nنحن نقدر تعاونك ويسعدنا أن نساعد جميع عملائنا في أقرب وقت ممكن.nأتمنى لك يوماً عظيماً!nجوانnn
Shown above is a translated email in Arabic. So what do you think is the email all about? How would you respond? Will you take time to figure out what the email is all about?
That’s the same questions your buyers are facing everytime you sent them an email using a language they are not familiar with. In the example above, the email is a notification email letting your buyers know that their order is on its way, but they don’t know that. They won’t even bother trying to decipher the meaning of your message unless they are really really bored. Personally, if I receive an email just like this, I will spam it or even report it to Amazon.
English is our universal language but a lot of other countries still don’t practice it as much as we do. They have their own languages which we need to respect. The least we could do to show our gratitude for our foreign buyers who chose to trust us is to try to communicate with them using a language they are comfortable with.

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