Strategies to Get More Amazon Reviews in 2018


Getting reviews on Amazon is crucial to your brand. 

Your reviews can make or break your business, so it is important to focus on ways that will bring quality reviews to your products.

There are some “easy ways” to go about this, but most of the easy ways violate Amazon’s terms and conditions. This includes buying reviews or reviewing your own products (or your competitors).
Fortunately, there are ways to get the Amazon approved, organic reviews your business needs to succeed.

One option in 2018 to get more Amazon reviews is to use the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. This is where Amazon will select buyers who have already bought your product to leave a review. These are not incentivized reviews in that you can’t offer your buyer anything for leaving a review. Amazon will, however, randomly choose buyers who are in this program for a small reward of a $1-$3 gift card to the platform. The aim of this initiative is to help you get your first five reviews and garner authentic feedback. And Amazon chooses buyers randomly who do not have a history of abuse. Amazon will not disclose if your product is in this program, however.

So, buyers will not know this when they go to purchase your product.

In addition, Amazon will let you know if the review is from this program with an orange badge next to the review on your end. It is important to know that you cannot remove reviews left through this program or influence them in any way. And the buyer can leave a review from one to five stars. So, the review will be honest! Moreover, to participate your product must have less than five reviews and cost more than $15.

Also, you have to be eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry, which protects your trademark. Lastly, there is a $60 fee per each eligible SKU you enroll in this program. Amazon will solicit reviews for one year or until you have five reviews through the program.

Another option, which can be one of the most effective ways about this, is using a 3rd party software to encourage feedback from your customers. A product like AMSmailer is a great tool for you to use as it enables you to ask your customers to review your product in a neutral manner and it is 100% within Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Amsmailer will send optimized feedback emails to any customer who has purchased your products, encouraging them to leave a review and dealing with negative issues before they become a negative review.

It is important to remember that you should never overdo these emails. Sending too many of these emails too often to customers may annoy them, resulting in them leaving you negative reviews. The goal is to reduce negative Amazon feedback, not inspire it. To help Amsmailer comes with a highly optimized email sequence which has been proven to work over the years and is 100% Amazon compliant.

Lastly, you can try using email marketing on your own website. Before anything else, you should be aware that you are prohibited from contacting your buyers from outside of the Seller platform. But this doesn’t prohibit you from asking your own customers, who bought your products directly from your website, to leave a review on Amazon about your product. You can create an email campaign specifically for this purpose.

If you are going to take this approach, make sure you make the emails personal and engaging. Introduce yourself to them and ask them how they like your product. You should offer any advice on how to best use the product or ask if they have any issues. You can also ask them if they have any other questions. These are all things that will reflect positively on your company and inspire them to go out of their way to tell everyone about the positive experience they had with your business.

Then finish with, “if you like our product, please consider leaving a review on Amazon” to help motivate this action. It is important that you never ask for a positive review nor should you bribe them with exclusive offers for doing so.


You need to get more Amazon reviews for your products on Amazon. This will build up your reputation, which will help potential customers to trust your brand. This will also help other customers see how great your products are. They will be impressed to trust your products over your competition’s. Never buy any reviews. You need to trust that your product’s worth will speak for itself, and everything else will fall into place when you use these strategies.

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