The Value of An Amazon Selling Coach

Have you considered a coach for your Amazon business? What exactly can an Amazon selling coach do for you? From the minuscule to the massive, a coach can help solve nagging problems, move past obstacles, and take your business to the next level.

Coaching can run upwards of $250 per hour or more (trust us, we’ve checked). You could also buy one of the many courses out there for over $1000 (yikes!) where you get access to a private Facebook group and “personal” help…along with 200 other people. That’s a lot of money to be just another number.

We have a better option!

AMSmailer has partnered with one of the top Amazon selling coaches out there to bring you an exclusive offer that’s just a few clicks away. Expert help is available and can be scheduled when you’re ready.

Let’s look more at what an Amazon selling  coach can do for you.

What Does Coaching Look Like?

Our Amazon selling coach will get to know you and your business along with the specific challenges you face. For some people, this means getting help to move past an obstacle like creating a shipping plan. For others, it’s getting more in-depth assistance for things like negotiating with suppliers.

You’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you and have a coaching call to chat and get real, actionable answers. In addition, our coach will also perform a product listing or PPC audit to give you tips on how to maximize your efforts.

At the end of the day, a coach is a vital connection to get personalized help. Blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts can be good free resources but they don’t always address the specific questions you need to be answered.

That’s where an Amazon selling coach can help. No more endless forum searches or hours of watching videos to get essential answers.

Success Stories

To illustrate why many of our clients have described working with a coach as a pivotal part of their FBA journey, we’ve put together a few examples of real interactions that show the incredible value a coach can bring to your business.

Read on!

Success Case #1

Paul was experiencing what many sellers go through when they launch their first product. He struggled to make sales, didn’t have a clear direction, and wasn’t sure what to do next. He researched how to increase sales but there were so many blogs, videos, and software platforms promising the same thing that it was too much to analyze. He needed some help.

That’s when he engaged our coach to get clear direction. Their first priority was a listing audit to check the overall quality and how his product stacked up against the competition. Our coach showed him several improvements that were needed on the images, bullet points, and product description. Next was keyword research, pricing adjustments, and implementing automated emails to his customers.

With all of those pieces in place, our coach helped Paul start PPC ads for the first time. In just the first month he saw over $700 in sales along with many positive reviews. With this momentum, Paul has recouped his coaching investment many times over and still raves about how our coach got him back on track and kickstarted his product sales!

Success Case #2

Meet Melanie. She was a consultant working with a company that sells model airplanes and ships. Her client already had a website and was doing about $50,000 in sales each month. They asked Melanie to expand the business to Amazon. Although she wasn’t very familiar with selling on Amazon she agreed to take on the project. Learn as you go, right?

Faced with getting an inventory of over 500 products uploaded to Amazon plus managing everything else in Seller Central, she quickly realized an expert was needed.

Our Amazon selling coach stepped in and advised her on how to use Amazon’s flat file system to upload all of the products at once. An incredibly daunting task estimated to take well over a week was distilled into a handful of steps and completed within two days.

Coupled with coaching to start and optimize PPC ads, Melanie expanded her client’s business to over $70,000 in monthly sales within just a few months of going live on Amazon!

As you’ve seen, a coach can be an invaluable asset on your Amazon journey. Smash obstacles, cut through the confusion and get real answers today. Our coach would love to help you and is just a few clicks away!

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